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Opal Design Aluminium Driveway Gate - Featured Image

If you're seeking a balance of grandeur and subtlety for your property, our Opal Design Aluminium Driveway Gate is the perfect solution!

This gate is a beautiful blend of luxury and minimalism, designed to boost your property's aesthetic while ensuring exceptional security.

Our Opal Design gate is a worthwhile long-term investment, offering low maintenance and backed by a 10-year warranty. Choose from standard or bespoke sizes, swing or slide configurations, Horn or Mitered Joints and any RAL colour that complements your property.

For an extra touch of elegance, consider our woodgrain finishes.


▪ Low Maintenance
▪ Horn or Mitered Joints
▪ Woodgrain Finishes Available
▪ Standard & Bespoke Sizes
▪ 10-Year Warranty
▪ Available In Swing and Sliding
▪ Any RAL Colour

Opal Aluminium Driveway Gate

Revamp your home's look with our Opal Design Aluminium Driveway Gate at Latmet Fabrications! 🏡💎

This gate offers a sublime balance of grandeur and subtlety, adding a touch of luxury to your property while ensuring solid security. 🛡️

Our gates come with a 10-year warranty, require minimal maintenance, and resist rusting, rotting, and warping - a robust investment for the future. 🛠️

Create the perfect gate for your home choosing from our array of RAL colours, standard or custom sizes, and swing or slide configurations. Our optional woodgrain finishes add an extra touch of sophistication. 🎨🔧

Choose Latmet Fabrications for an entrance that is as impressive as your home. We're committed to your satisfaction. 💪💚



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